Taiwan Sustainable Finance platform 2.0 – Business Engagement: [Limited Seats] WBCSD sustainable management tools workshop Coming Soon



Supported by HSBC, Bank SinoPac, and Nan Shan Life Insurance which are members of Taiwan Sustainable Finance platform,
BCSD Taiwan will hold workshops for 5 kinds of WBCSD sustainable management tools within Q2~Q3, 2023.



The topics include ESG risk management and ESG information quality,
GHG Protocol, Nature Capital Protocol, Circular Transition Indicators and future trends,
to assist management level evaluate and seize the sustainable risks and opportunities of business.



6/29 (四) 氣候行動與溫室氣體盤查
Climate Action and GHG Protocol
7/26 (三) 自然行動與自然資本議定書
Nature Action and Natural Capital Protocol
8/29 (二) 循環經濟與循環轉型指標
Circular Economy and Circular Transition Indicator
9/26 (二) 透過COSO之ERM X ESG將ESG納入政策制定
Embedding ESG into Decision-making by COSO’s ERM X ESG
10/27 (五) 未來趨勢:BCTI, NCS, 與避免碳排
Future Trend: BCTI, NCS, and Avoid Emission



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