Dr. Niven Huagn(黃正忠博士)社團法人中華民國企業永續發展協會 秘書長


Dr. Niven Huang is the Secretary General of the Business Council for Sustainable Development of the Republic of China (BCSD-Taiwan) since May of 1997. He is the pioneer in Taiwan for promoting corporate social responsibility (CSR), sustainability report, sustainable and responsible investment (SRI), sustainable source, green purchasing alliance, greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory and strategy for carbon management. He is invited to give more than 100 lectures on sustainability every year in domestic and international events.
Dr Niven Huang is specialized in waste management. Before working for Super Max, Dr. Huang worked for YFY paper company as a consultant because of his specialized technical background in fluidization combustion technology.
Dr. Huang received the Ph.D. degree from Chemical Engineering from Chung Yuan Christian University (CYCU). Currently, he is the part time associate professor of four universities in Taiwan, including the most leading advanced MBA in Taiwan. He sits in the judge panels of several public and private Awards of CSR, Excellence in Environment, and Sustainability in Taiwan, including the annual CSR Awards of CommonWealth, one of the leading business magazines in Taiwan, since 2007.

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